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We make great looking, easy to update websites for electricians. Using breakthrough technologies we are able to give you the full experience of a designer creating and setting up your site for you, WITHOUT a set up fee.

We set it all up for you, make sure you are happy with the design, and then show you how to update. We support you every step of the way.


Our designers create a custom design for your Brand. You will love our flexible process.

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Our sites come with an optional suite of components that will make interacting with your clients a breeze.

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Our Content system makes updating your site point-and-click simple, backed up by full tech support.

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From SEO to Business Cards, we’ve got tools and services to bring you business.

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Page Management is incredibly easy – adding, moving, deleting, and there is no limit to the number of pages you can have.

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Find out whose looking at your site, and track what they’re looking for.

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Design Process

Our flexible process is designed to get your brand dialed in, with as much involvement as you want to have.

  • Choose a starter design from a gallery of dozens of designs
  • Give us logos, images, anything you want included
  • We get back to you within a day with multiple proofs
  • Feed back for more proofs, or approve at any point
  • Once you approve, we install and setup your site immediately


Give your site a power booster with this suite of super-charged components. All components are point-and-click simple to manage, and we set them up for you. This is a must-have package. One-time Fee: $49

Service Area Finder

Allow your clients to enter their zip code to verify you serve their area with this easy-to-configure component. This module sitting on your home page will screen people out of your desired service area.

Making the process as easy as possible for the clients is very important for getting new clients. This allows them to immediately see if they are able to be serviced by you, starting them off right.


This module helps you capture more clients by enabling them to text or chat with you straight from the website. This reduces the quantity of calls and simplifies the start-up procedure with new clients.

A simple interface on the back end of your website allows your office manager, if you have one, to handle multiple conversations at once and keep track. You can also optionally turn on an auto responded that you’ll be with them shortly.

Email Newsletter

If you are motivated to begin a newsletter to remind clients of periodic inspections, this module can be very useful. We set up a newsletter template using the free Mail Chimp service, and give you instructions on how to send it out.

The interface is very straightforward and takes no more than 5 minutes to learn how to get an email out. With this component you can also capture you’re prospective clients’ emails right from your site.

Testimonials Manager

Testimonials on your website are well known to be invaluable to people searching you out. It is very well worth the effort – especially because it’s an easy way for your site to be registered as “updated” in Google’s eyes, which hugely impacts your search rankings.

You simply send a link to each client after each job, they fill out a one-sentence testimonial, which upon your approval is dated and added to your testimonials page. This component will even send out the email with the link. You then get an email with a request to approve it to be published.

Social Media Pack

This component gives you the ability to manage and develop your social media presence. From Yelp to Facebook, there are articles on how best to use these tools to grow your client base. If you’re not already doing it, just know there IS a reason why businesses are investing time and energy on social media: it works.

People “liking” you and positive references on Yelp are unquestionable lead generators, and this component makes it easy to manage all of them.

Full Email Service

Easily create email accounts for your staff using name@yourdomain.com, and manage them from a simple interface. There is no limit to the number email accounts you can create.

You can manage your staff’s accounts from your site, reset the passwords, and even check your email remotely.

Going Deeper with
lead generation

Search Engine Optimization is not a choice - it's mandatory if you want to generate leads. But it does take time and patience. If and when you are ready to really turbocharge your marketing, give us a call to talk about our online ad program. We set up online ads (primarily Google Adwords, but there are other choices) for you, and you can monitor and manage your campaigns from the back end of your site.

Easy Content Management

Updating your content, adding or moving pages, uploading images and other media are all point-and-click simple with our system

Style Panel

Our patent-pending Style Panel lets you effortlessly “skin” any page — your homepage, your lists, etc., with the flick of a fader.

Form Builder

Snap together user forms in minutes. Let your users give feedback or suggestions. All form data is emailed to you, AND also stored in a database that can be downloaded.

Media Manager

Adding a video to your site is a powerful marketing tool. With Media Manager you can post YouTube and Vimeo videos to any page in minutes

Homepage Manager

Easily edit and style your valuable home page. Our Homepage Manager will have you perfecting your homepage in minutes.

Content Editor

Changing the text or image on any page is equally easy with our inline editor. What you see in the editor is exactly what will be on the page, making it crazy easy.

Page Manager

Add, delete, or move any page in your navigation with point-and-click ease using our patent-pending Page Manager.

Additional Services

These services will greatly enhance your new website, and speed up development.

Additional Services
Search Engine Package

$19 – One time fee

People in search of Electricians go to one place: Google. If you’re not coming up at the top of the results, you’re missing out on a lot of business.

Our SEO Service uses all the most current techniques to tease out better Google rankings. We research your competition, get a list of keywords from you, and then fine-tune the content of your top pages and embed the keywords in the code of your site. This service WILL improve your search rankings, and bring you more leads.

Additional Services
Content Transfer

$40 – One-time fee

If you already have a website with relevant content, let’s not reinvent the wheel. We can easily transfer both text and images from your existing website to your new website. No special access is required, and we handle it all.

Of course we’ll ask you up front if there’s anything that’s not relevant to your new site, but we’ll bring over – and integrate stylistically – all content that you do want to retain to your new Electricity Sites website. You can then improve your content, with our help from there.

Additional Services
Community Builder

$49 Set up Fee

The real power of a our website is in the Community Builder package. This gives you an entire “site within a site” that your members (or staff) can log into and connect on a new level.

Let one or more of your leaders have a blog, let your community post messages, broadcast unlimited numbers of sermons in audio podcast form, and get your social networking going — all with easy interfaces.

Examples of our Designs

Here are just a few examples of our designs. You begin by choosing a "starter design," give us any images or notes you have, and we'll create a custom design for you.

Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3

Products and Pricing

All products are a one-time fee except for the website itself, which is only $29 a month.


per month


Get Started!


One-Time Fee

We fine-tune your content

Install metatags

your Competition

We submit to 15 Search Sites


One-Time Fee

Up to 10 Pages

Text and Images

Fast Turnaround

Re-Styled to the new site


One-Time Fee

Members Only Area



Email Management

And more


One-Time Fee

Discounted for repeat orders

Integrated design



The electric team

Our staff is committed to the highest quality work, and to delivering a system that is truly easy to use AND effective for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequent questions we get - if you have any others, please
feel free to call us for more info at (747) 200-4563

All costs for our features and services are one-time setup fees, with the exception of monthly hosting ($29.00 per month).

Hosting is paid monthly, so you are not locked into a year-long contract. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Yes, every feature that we offer can be purchased at any time. However, because it is much easier for us to install those features at startup time, we offer steep discounts if you order those features with your website.

We have a flexible limit of about 1 GB of storage space per website. To conserve space on your site, we recommend that you upload most video files to a video storage website like YouTube. You can still embed the video in your web pages, while the file is saved elsewhere.

We will get you started with a ready-made menu and set of relevant pages populated with sample text and pictures, which you can rewrite to suit your needs. Your site will have an Under Construction message on the home page until you are ready to officially launch your site. This gives you a chance to shape the content of each page to your satisfaction without the public seeing your unfinished work.

First of all, editing the content on your website is as easy as editing the content of any word processing document. If you can type, and click save, then you can edit your site! But just to be sure, when you login to your website, you will find a wealth of a easy tutorials, video tutorials, and other material that will help you with most issues. Of course, if you have any difficulties that you are unable to sort out after consulting the help material, you can absolutely e-mail us, and we will respond to your issue usually same day.

Absolutely. We give you a Page Management tool that makes adding, deleting, moving, publishing, and unpublishing of pages all point-and-click easy. You have complete control over which pages are visible or hidden from public view, you can add as many pages as you wish, and you can rearrange the order of links in your menu all from your Page Manager.

Yes. When you choose your design we’ll ask if you have a logo you want incorporated into the header of your site. If you have a high-resolution copy of your logo, preferably on a transparent background, that is ideal. But we can work with any format.

Yes you can. You have the ability at any time to swap to a completely new design. One of the great things about our system is that you can change your design, all the content that you have developed on your site, including text, images, and navigation structure, remains untouched and perfectly in place.

All of our designs are tightly integrated into our editing system. This is what makes our system so easy and so affordable, and it also means that we can only offer our own designs. However, as you look through the Design Gallery, you will find that all designs offered by Electricity Sites are of the highest quality, and will give you a completely professional and unique look.

Truly great (and very friendly) tech support.

We understand that maintaining a great and effective website takes specialized skills that most people don’t have. Why not lean on us? We’re here to help.

Got any questions? Or give us a call anytime.

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(747) 900-1849


Burbank, Los Angeles, California